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XLIIL— 1836. W. Mooz, Lancet, 1836, vol. ii. Puer-

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Dodge, Rouse's Point, Clinton County ; E. F. Edgerly, Moriah

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for in most cases treatment is but of little avail.

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29, 1869. For three days, 15 minims of the balsam were

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sion of the capillaries." M. Gubler was led to adopt

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Application for admission may be made to theAttending Phy-

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*Vide Lectures on Clinical Medicine, page 579, vol. 1. By A. Trous-

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the readily retreating structures above. This was demonstrated

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of this kind by both this committee and the Labor Committee be

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of the bladder — you have to expect more or less cystitis

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to report what, if any, legislative means could be taken

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Rochester, Thomas M., 2 St. James Place, Brooklyn, Kings Co.

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to urinate before the operation, and again as soon as he regains

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by the tunid practitioner only. Pott, an English surgeon, says :

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