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drawings of a tumour as big as a filbert, removed by Mr.
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Dr. Hexey Ashbt (Manchester), observed that one of the
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Mr. Malcolm Lacbie, B.A., B.Sc, F,L.S. (King's College, Cambridge)
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HESS (W.) and Zehender (W.). Bericht iiber die 22 Versamralung der
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MONAGHAN UNION, Monaghan Dispensary.- Medical Officer. Salary,
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Sureeons. Dublin ; W. Herron, Queen's College, Belfast ; W. Hunter,
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annual meeting of the British Medical Association at Not-
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Ernest Besnier and Emile Vidal, of Paris, honorary mem-
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national museums and galleries, and to the works of Pompeii.
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infant mortality were lowest in Paddington, Hampstead, St. Giles, Mile
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to arrest the bleeding, and to repair the lesion if possible.
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On admission the tongue was moist but thickly coated ; pulse regular