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patient may not be ill enough to seek medical relief, having only a
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Sir T. Grainger Stewart, of Edinburgh, has employed feeding with
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the heart, brilliantly demonstrated by Kroenacker, who showed that
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it has been asserted that it was described by a Chinese writer 2637 years
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The gastro-intestinal tract is well known as the seat of afferent
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with the bony structures of the joints. Owing to the multiform s)anp-
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ministration of opium does cot produce any diminution in
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the discussion, to be opened by Professor Pozzi in the Ob-
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own sphere. It is really laughable to observe how, when in
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of a very severe type, with collapse, purging, and vomiting,
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Tliere was distinct retraction below the right clavicle when
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Rarely we have the brachial t5T)e, which involves the deltoid, and
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drug is Chapoteaux's pills, containing y^ gr., or J mg., which may be
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FORD MoRisoN, F.R.0.(5., 14. Saville Row, Newcastle-on-Tyue ;
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England, with the result that whereas in 1905 there were 750 cases,
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inflammatory conditions of nerves or nerve ganglia, such as typical tic
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fessional sense by the canvassing used by some associations to attract
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This affection is characterized by polyuria or an increased flow of
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young, robust, and active men, belonging, some to the
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may stick or else be further pushed on by peristaltic action into the
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+ Make non-commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for
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cision. Hence the dealing with cortical portions of lens
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he was insane when he killed himself. A little examination
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so on through the entire intestinal canal, especially in children, so that
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heat. No antidote to this bacillus has yet been discovered.
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remained in bed for ten days ; at the end of four days the
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mother, three children, and a servant, are reported to have
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recorders, registrars of county courts, chairmen ol quarter
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the Halifax small-pox hospital is situate, are interesting. He
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coincided with the great Hindu pilgrimage which occurred once in
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ascertain the relation between sickness and longings in gene-
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pulsory isolation of those suflering from them. Two isolation
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Alexander. W. M.D., F.R.C.S. (Liverpool). Some Results of Trepliining
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Die Zaraath (Lepra) der Hebrliischen Bibel. Von G. N. Munch. Ham-
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tuberculous infection of the spinal column with consequent destruc-
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milk and Vichy. So in proportion as he indulges in alcoholic drinks