of transverse markings are visible save in their early stage of develop-
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with that state of tissue of which the small rough kidney is a
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dyes, such as methylene-blue or gentian violet — may be added
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The honor of the redemption of the world, through the agency of flesh and blood,
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seemed to be produced by the irritation of an old and roughened
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Sodium Chlorid Excretion. — The ability of the kidneys to
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creatinin values are always suggestive of the existence of a
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aches and vomiting associated with weakness just before men-
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be due to one of these two causes rather than to any mysterious
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With regard to rain, Pau offers no exception to that extensive
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sion, (generally induced by too long delaying marriage,) are still other sources from
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was administered the plasma sugar increased rapidly to 272
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quiry was made, and a complete denial of any previous rheumatism
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to recognise its real nature, for it appears to be made up of
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Following the operation there was no material motor weak-
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1918, it appeared that the transfused blood was "held" longer
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tendinum, and never did the least symptom betray itself of any
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remarks in the Introduction relative to the topics embraced by
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in spite of themselves so long as they continue their present practice.
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attain any great size, yet flourishes in the district. In regard
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the fertility of marriages at different ages in children that will
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is such as to make it irrational to anticipate any success in their
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independent formation, having no communication with the
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though their frequency and their origin is a matter of some
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of the tumour^ and from it proceed the septa or trabeculse which
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occur just before or after menstruation, and they are frequently
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commonest productions in toxicological investigations, resemble each
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oversleep, while others have sighed for the want of it.
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which the animal was made to swallow at this time were conveyed with
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II. A Severe Case of the Htemorrhagic Diathesis^ treated hy large
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Systemic Examination. — This examination showed no definite
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the air poisonous by the impure exhalations from their bodies, where the sweet
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other regiments in the immediate vicinity of the marine camp."
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amination is possible. The uterus is found at first in the posi-
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On June 13, 1921 the patient was started on Bacillus bul-
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into some unnatural hollow space, from which my medical advisers concluded that
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rates dysentery, cholera, and intermittent fever as the allied
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plaint. It is not, however, always the case that marriage and pregnancy put off
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In chronic bronchitis, and in debilitated states of the air passages, the vapor of bal-
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principal food. At least 4,000,000 gallons of this milk is poisoned by base adultera-
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emigrant vessols, show how mankind are affected by foul air ; and though death