sufl5cient to keep the pressure in the cerebral ventricles
deep respirations. The suggestion was made that the effect
rarer still, and eventually remain a pathological curiosity of
Mfil., 1S!>9, No. 21) reports a series of examinations in forty cases. The
A considerable number of cases are sent for examination for
metres thick, bled considerably, so that the divided arteries required
- Of course, iodine ha.s been frequently used as an injection In empyema, but its employment
abnormally elevated diaphragmatic dome, such as occurs, for
tory tract are common at the outset of several specific fevers ;
tion, reagents, and space. While blood cell preserva-
DeboveandBruhl. La Splenomegalie Primitive. Bull, et Mem. Soc. Med.d'hop.deParis,1892.
Banti in his description of the disease describes three
secretions of the upper respiratory tract of infected people,
I, In Prsefatione, p. 10. § Ibid, p. 139. J Morbor. Chrgju
west, the east has more or less succumbed — the east with its
seen any instances, but they have been described by Griesinger, and Dr.
pulling below the line of smallest circumference of patient's waist.
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and a pointed heavy plumb-bob. The plumb-line is adjusted
only built up from the details supplied by many authorities.
foreign body into the lid as a support, and its success depends upon its
testifies that the toxeemia is wholly gone, and that no
The tracheal sound from percussion of the manubrium is not present
marked improvement. Adjuvants were cod-liver oil, iron, and hygiene. In
the recovery of the patient as remarkable and moat satisfactory, in view of
there were any possible planned actions in coordination
"Lessons from the Front," with the objectives to review and critically analyze medical issues in Operation
self entirely to the scientific consideration of the subject. His develop-
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author maintains that such a patient is functionally cured. — Revue de Thera-