Geographical Distribution. It is a well-known fact that the disease is
The patient was robust and healthy-looking. Urine neutral, 1012, and
into the deeper parts of the tissue, thus giving rise to a carcinoma.
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gestion, and abdominal flatus. The starches are very inimical to them,
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in the ureter, but that there was some bleeding at the ureteral orifice.
soap and water, a compress soaked in a 1 in 20 carbolic acid solution
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Report by Dr. Cheesman : In November, 1890. the patient, a woman
abdomen, in localized abscesses, for example, becomes soft and the out-
operation, necrosis had probably commenced about a week
larger than the ordinary pus microbe. Lancet-shaped forms, as occur in the
intra-abdominal or intra-thoracic hemorrhage they may very well exsanguinate before a transfusion can be per-
In the more enlightened progress of Modern Medicine, ** Blood-
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sition to medicine of which the whole world may be proud. J. W.
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miliary tuberculosis in many cases follows tubercular erosion of the ves-