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in the departments of general and medical chemistry, physiology,

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(1) Double strength starch agar base with hemoglobin and

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the pollens of the grasses. Other plants, such as dandelion,

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cancer it is relatively unimportant. The toxic reaction usually

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with suitable rooms for practical exercises in the various manipu-

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by pressing with the fingers of the right hand inserted into the

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Treatment. — There is no specific treatment for the disease. It

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developed on the two sides, and in very rare instances is unilateral.

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remissions in the morning, to a greater or less degree, characterise the

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mation of a compact red "button" at the bottom of the

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number of polymorphonuclear leukocytes is usually enormously

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foundation for a fibrous hyperplasia is laid. This newly formed fibrous tissue,,

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unknown factors or idiosyncrasies, all appear to play a part. After a certain

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mended (1 to 5 grs. every four hours) in this and the final stage, or the

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WILLIAMSON, R. T., M.D., F.R.C.P., Physician to Ancoats Hospital,

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mary of the basic information needed for isolation attempts is

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thumb,' no recourse to a formula book, will avail for the proper

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variola, inflammatory and suppurative processes, such as erysipelas,

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arch. The first heart sound was of poor quality. Electro-

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brane. The bacilli stain readily by Gram's method or with alkaline

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human subject. Thus de Eenzie has used serum, prepared according to

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consult with homoeopaths when asked to do so. It don't say that

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left leg more markedly than the right, while at this time tactile

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by the way, — advertisements of rooms to let, and of pensions, or

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(1) "Raw milk" is untreated (except for refrigeration)

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In most cases, however, a favourable change begins to show itself

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sis in blood agar after 24 hours; and generally possessing the

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6. The tolerated width of the band is different for different col-

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N NaOH solution is run into the tube that contains the

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