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seized with intense pain in the abdomen. This was followed by hemorrhage.
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Malignant Smallpox. — The symptoms of smallpox during
Bloodvessels. Among the most characteristic changes were those
The treatment consisted in daily warm baths, with massage and passive
were slapping at the apex, and scarcely audible at the base. The poly-
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is usual in the latter disease. The resulting deformity has a wide range of
tinned, so that abdominal hysterectomy was performed successfully five
occur in the same patient, especially in persons over forty, but the evi-
doses of acetyl-salicylic acid, phenazone, phenacetin, or pyramidon. These
scrotum, with night sweats and loss of flesh. These may
tion, a tumor about the size of a lemon, and having the shape of the
Walthard contributes a paper upon this subect. He finds that in Switzer-
flowing out of the veins ; whilft, in the mean time,
show no softening and no yellow areas ; they have the appearance of
pect of inducing a cure ? This is a question which each physician and
1. The great value of the blood culture in decidiug the diagnosbi.
bacilli, it is possible, e.xcept perhaps in the most advanced
traction of the uterus it is really caused by adherence of the membranes to
fever. The patient may continue in this unsatisfactory state
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