ease, than where it comes on rapidly, since in the latter case the nerve-
some cough of high arterial tension and venous congestion
seems to be that the thigh should be placed at a right angle with the
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in the immediate vicinity of the fungi, where numerous pus-cells were
In order to obtain full information, the patient must be
case of acquired monocular ptosis, found the left middle fossa of the
Under this heading, I include the following considera-
The Partial Subcutaneous Rupture of ' the Inguinal R^ion and the Iliac
one surgeon is interested in these cases, an undue proportion
eye with a BB gun. The patient is alert and awake, but she is irritated and complains of pain with decreased
use at the patient's own house. The graduated cylinder for
author affirms as follows, viz. ** That cold bathing
by their nuclei, which could often be seen as clear, unstained bodies,
frequently the cause of ptosis than has been commonly supposed, and
interspace just inside the mammary line. A faint, systolic, accidental
3. Blum's case : Luetic child, aged two and one-half months. In
operation is a combination of the third and fourth classes of operations,
pounds. My general health is perfect ; my constitution is of the robust
Horsley than in ours. Their patient, who had been wholly paralyzed
fevers; he afcribed it to a tranflation of the febrile
have had no cases perish under palliative treatment, and hence no opera-
sage and washing was sufficient in most cases during pregnancy. Compresses
On two of the segments of the aortic valve there were large vegetations, with
Physical Examination During an Attack. The patient is
compressions through interstitial fibrosis. The structure would thus be