preponderance of ulcer cases in females in Boston we must leave unan-

movements, such as a mimic spasm, echolalia, coprolalia, and tic de

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< Lancet, London, 1857, i. 58. * Medical Times, Philadelphia, ISTl, 1. 449.

of the parotid gland. A few days previous to the blood examination

in which it appeared, reaction to accommodation is not present. Neither

By Reginald R. Bennett, B.Sc, F.I.C. Pp. xiv. + 443. Second

surface of the cartilage Pass each of the two needles through the

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in general, we may suppose that an increased supply may in

There was no ataxia, no intention tremor, no ankle clonus,

specific enough to warrant us in drawing deductions of this nature.

Meantime, the impairment of sensibility and motion had increased

tion is required after an interval of two or three days. The indication for

tives. The views contained herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official Department of Defense position. The

opening the eyelids the cornea soon collapsed, and the fracture of the outer

and the patient feels freer and hears better after it than after

scrotum, with night sweats and loss of flesh. These may

other residents, if they wished, would receive technical train-

paralysis, but to determine the nature of the lesion. A prioH, in the pres-

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present in the intestine varies with the individual. But in the same infant

of the wrist, softening formed an ulcer two by one and a half inches,

slightly affected mentally. Deafness and some forms of

he had always been given to understand were of tuberculous origin. The

carefully watched cases this rare accident can be immediately recognized,

Diffuse Scleroderma Following Scarlatina. — Tchernoff ( Wraich, 1899,

Bartholomew's Hospital during the same period. There were

destruction of the muscle fibres and round-cell infiltration. Marked vascular

When administered to the test subject, pituitary extract