1affection being confined to the spinal cord. Fifth. The changes, while
2Filtered urine injected immediately, or after 24 hours
4A Saw, Pocket Instruments, and Two Ounces of Whiskey:
5Interestingly the Yugoslav guerrilla doctrine kept sur-
79. William P. Dewees. Compendious System of Midwifery, 4th ed., p. 246. Pbiladelpbla,
8other hand, of 16 cases reported in Great Britain, 5 were males
11to go on doing its full work, if the action causes pain to the
12in the hand, by pressure upon the end of the little finger, and by pas-
13incomplete theory of binocular vision. It is probably by
14Behind the Iron Curtain. Boston: Houghton Mifflin; 2000.
15severe cardialgia. In Rahn's case the cardia was compressed, causing a dila-
18level low BMI and current shin pain. It is not known
19etiology and diagnosis of empyema of the accessory sinuses of the nose.
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25cause of insanity, and it follows that it is a common cause
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27times, a patient would be delirious, and then suddenly
28while Cohnheim's theory is not confirmed, it is not disproved.
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37In Billings's series, out of 424 cases 16 percent, were under
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40good results ; sometimes headache follows, and scapulo-dorsal traction is sub-