independent rhythmic action, which recovers only secondarily
warned against any violent exercise for months afterwards. It
Complications of the Serum Treatment of Diphtheria.— Dr. Ch.\rles
October 5th it was at 101°, and an eruption of measles appeared on the
disease and its bacteriology are first discussed. Netter's rather remarkable
years afler cardiac strain without any indications in the intervening time.
Appendeil is a valuable and extensive bibliography, in which only
liminary puncture of the thick skin by the point of a sharp
that our knowledge will be more definite and precise if we look for guidance
defective expulsive power is the prime factor, leading gradually to more
medical profession to bring about a reform, provided they
vious work, with analyses of all the cases hitherto reported, and to this
elevation of temperature, and leucocytosis is usually not
In the motor cortex no degeneration of the cortical fibres was found ;
superior vena cava. The cause of stasis in this case was the metastases of
W. A. Edwards contributes an excellent section on Diseases of the
antrum through the nose and the cavity washed out. Usually
nasal partial resection of the lachrymal sac for cases of
have never given rise to any unpleasant symptoms, and are only re-
of vital importance. Those about the seat of the growth should be removed
returned, and the fever became very high and the liver enlarged. A
near it. It is well to remember that these serious nerve injuries may tjike
A drop of the oil is applied every day to each wart, and their disappearance
perature 102° F., and the pulse 120. The abdomen was so distended
be more formidable than are the large collections of pus filling the
two or three weeks before death, but in one case the patient recovered from
which, however, lasted only a few hours, and then disappeared for a
clamps to control the vessels, and a gauze drain. The patient com-
The patient showed some improvement on the second, third, and fourth
function of ha:niolysis. One of the well-recognized functions
scarlet fever in .August 1910 ; this was followed by otorrhoea, with
onset, with headache and perhaps vomiting ; pain in back and
It seems doubtful whether under normal conditions the