1matism, vasomotor changes, neuroses, and unknown microbes have all
4may be a i)neumococcus or some other organism. By the
5way, and the practical experiments are arranged so as to make the matter
6and metastatic carcinoma in areas of fresh tuberculous infiltration of the
7pressure dressing. The patient underwent orotracheal
9times, and with one of the author's makes in all ten successful cases.
11lation of kidney tissue, which is known to be " pressor " in
12No statement in regard to variations of pulse and pupil is made in
15together, and both were made so sick toward evening and during the night
16bacilli or the absorption of the broken-down material in the diseased
17\'ol. XX., Xo. 12, December, 1913. 21. Archives oj the Roentgen Ray, Februaiy,
18adhesions about such tumors it is practically impossible to prevent the
19(Essential reference for understanding the Golden Triangle.)
21of the brain, was not found in this case. This exudation is
23involving the trunk ; as confined to the limbs, and as occurring in par-
24movement. It may be possible, however, to assume that weakening of
25" I have made sections from several pieces of the tissues which you
26and its pathogenical action toward animals. They are of the opinion that
27tracts, and along the anterior fissure. (See figure.)
28once delivered, and survived its birth three hours, when it perished from
30as the females were eighteen, twenty-two, thirty, forty-one, and fifly-
31jaundice occurred ; no tumor wjis to be felt. An examination of the
32and lymph vessels, and be carried over the entire body, especially to the
33Zenker, Loeb, and Cordua in essential confirmed Lubarsch's conclu-
34The author concludes from a study of this case, and others resembling it,
35tense and shining, had become approximately normal. In the second patient,