1foration, it is better to risk operation than to delay.
2walls in a lymphangitis which shows itself under the X-rays as
3otherwise the tuberculous poison would all be deposited in the liver.
4food at the mess-tents. In many of the regimental camps fecal matter
5before all operations on the urinary tract, as well as those
6an opening in the oesophagus, and then I ligated either the cardia or
7Microphotograph of labium, showing great lijjH."rtroi'liy of epidermis. (See Figs. 1 and 6,
9itself shows seasonal variations, so does accessory sinus disease
10such a case, if only the patient would have followed his
11' CurBobmann. Notbnagel'8 Specielle Patbologie (l. Tberapie, 3. Band. i. Theil,
12solvent action is to be ascribed to some volatile property
13inability to breathe, with a sensation of choking, generally
14evidences of granular kidney, generally end fatally. It has been dis-
15I think that this concludes the list of operations which may be re-
16remaining number worked in an especially warm environment. Occu-
17Since we can all claim sufficient knowledge to do this, it is
19mountain air, and proper exercise? Or, again, if the aggravating
20depend upon the feasibility of performing that operation without caus-
21reason can be offered for devoting twenty-one pages to the discussion
22Case IV. — On March 10, 1895, while assisting a colleague to remove
24Treatment of Diphtheritic Paralysis. — Dr. Francis Hoben insists upon
25or all of the sinuses, and the first aim should be to permit
26perforations, in " all cases the pelvis should be drained ... as well as the
28menting with guinea-pigs, found that within thirty days after transplanting
30certainly not common to find bronchial obstruction which may be
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32may be greatly increased by some such procedure as that described by
33of rabbits, even if present in large quantities, provided the fluid injected
34whether perceptive or ideational, is strong in association. There exist
35the obliteration of intrathoracic veins caused the most striking symp-
36source of infection that produce it are better understood treatment will be of