1skin with blood-glue. Men with wounds like little dry
2the formaldehyde reaction in the urine is fully developed.
4organize the complexity of the cerebral speech mechanism.
5In such cases, erosions of the gastric mucosa due to the
6ture is the subset of urban guerrilla warfare but few
7contained feces. In others there has developed narrowing of some part
11The latest authoritative statement upon the subject is from Knapp
1229. Robinson. Atrophy of the Female Genitals. 8. W. Med. Rec., Houston, 1887, voL U.
13for, as Brinton ' has pointed out, pain may be situated there in ulcer.
14When examined after an interval of three months, instead of atrophy
15The onset was sudden, without known cause. He awoke one morn-
16not more marked than is usual at the age of forty-eight. Nowhere
17iu?t be recognized as such. In the most atrophic cells no nuclei or
18certainly no respect for age,* and seems to arise whenever the
19" the disease is in the lung, but the danger lies in the heart." For specific
21The disease was first recognized by Vieusseaux, at Geneva,
22The different operations, for example, tendon transplanta-
24oration, fpoken publicly to the miemory of this great
25thoughts to run unchecked along the lines of least resistance ;
29this time. The barriers against spreading infection cannot be relied
30the seat of the old cicatrix was much thickened, and appeared like a soft
31commenced. Four needles were passed from the positive and negative poles
32Braun's second case was that of a woman, aged forty-three years, a multi-
33and precision of movement, and the muscular senses were unimpaired ;
35nal secretions, or other body fluids contaminated with