1text-books with regard to percussion in incipient pulmonary
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8Medical Officer under Dr. Robb in the Belfast City Fever
9" the disease is in the lung, but the danger lies in the heart." For specific
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12a good one, except for a double phlegmasia dolens which protracted it.
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16Experiment 6. — A dog of 7 kg. was similarly injected with 20 mg.
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18trostomy is to be preferred. If the oesophagus is opened above a stric-
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21I have had eight cases of recurrence treated by X-rays, and
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27the oedematous change in the lining membrane is localized,
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33the hemorrhage of arterial character during labor. The cervix, I might
34Uppal A, Disler DG, Short WB, McCauley TR, Cooper JA.
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