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On March i8th, 1914, she looked remarkably well. Head movements
septic infection persists after abortion the total removal of the uterus, tubes,
On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in
It certainly is difficult to explain these changes, or those changes occur-
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f the Massachusetts General Hospital, for example, though they may
the patient directly after the operation. Secondly, when the clinical
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irregularly branching nuclei. This abnormal growth of the glandular
the failures which have attended these methods of shortening the
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There was an incised wound about 6 cm. long in the median line of
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investigators believed that the real trouble was an excess of
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temperature is only 81° F. The radiant heat penetrates the tissues more
service in the treatment of this strange disease than any other measures.
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There were no objective disturbances of sensation or motion ; the patient
The cultures taken by Dr. Sailer from the meninges gave the follow-
All the requirements for the diagnosis of an enormous enlargement
was perceived, the breathing fell to twelve in the minute, and was jerky
duration appears to be about two years. My case terminated in about
Lancet, December, 1907, on streptococcal meningitis, may