than a year. In December, 1897, however, the same pain returned,, become normal again, although the loss of function persists., stool for fully seven weeks ; latterly constant vomiting. Under observation., fairly well. The highest temperature recorded was 104.6° F., the highest, A bullet, quite obvious to radioscopy when its presence and, are later on invalidated by the patient's evident improvement. I can-, the patient had a very severe attack and died. Post-mortem,, Larsen began his observations with the belief that antiseptic instillations in, It is impossible, however, to draw a sharp and always applicable line, f the patient during the first days. Lavage is useful, but the author prefers, and just before death may entirely disappear. " In patients deeply, of medical science. We cannot altogether approve of the selections., Many operations have been devised to secure continuity of the ureter, on examination should be clearly described in as intelligible, Professor Reuben Peterson ' has done good work in publish-, firmly separated from the infection focus. Too often it will be found, blood-pressure when that is already high. Dr. Price has, serve as a type of symptom which offers a connecting link, as it were,, medium in which they live, may resume parasitic habits., were followed by either a cure or marked improvement in the mental con-, later. A rise of at least 0.5° C. characterizes the reaction. If doubtful, the, ent. This runs up the under surface of the head in the middle line,, the sound at the nostrils is tympanitic, high-pitched, and longer in dura-, quacy, functionally speaking, and who died suddenly with slight pre-