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Leiner and Weisner. There is no reason why the system
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loss of the abdominal reflex, mentioned by Ker, points to
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especially when cerebro-spinal fever is epidemic. It may
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than an acute one — a lesion that may and should be studied and watched
degeneration and consequent atrophy of nerve-cells and fibres, the cells
the mother herself. The avidity of the embryonic tissues,
of kidney disease, such as albuminuria, dropsy, or casts in the
under the microscope a section taken from a case of Dr. Schmorl's, in
relapse or not. It was not accompanied by rose-spots or enteric symp-
absence of tubercle bacilli, occurrence in scrofulous patients, a pathological
irritabilities are changed, and convulsions are readily induced.
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Tragedy in Paradise: A Country Doctor at War in Laos
ously at opposite ends of the hospital complex. The
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