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auricular contractions, as opposed to fibrillation wavelets, has
and opsonic power than blood-serum from the same case
given a fresh outfit after a bath in an effective disinfectant
Kirchgaesser was unable in his two experiments to observe any disturb-
may be measured in minutes, hours, or even days ; as, for
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Centerville, IN). The device was set at count 2 (6 puls-
The author discusses the cause of appendicitis, and maintains that
than younger ones, but greater virulence is accompanied by greater resistance.
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intereating case in which this lesion was found at autopsy in an infant, aged
already, I believe in most cases the presence of effusion may
that during the years 1764 to 1783, of every 1000 deaths from small-
Thyroid Insufficiency ; ^. 26, Plates I. to VI., facing pp. 30 and 31, 11 figures ;
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chronic parametritis, panaritium, and chronic gastric ulcer, fn these the
liver and axillary glands, the advent of the tumor in the tuberculous
but a month or two after the first attack she noticed that about the
are difficult to pierce. The needle may be inserted directly
Here I would wish to say something as regards the use, or
Another form of nasal abnormality, which is a prolific
Xilgiris ; Burmah, Malabar, with big rainfall ; all tell the
— Therapeufu<rhe MonaUhefte, 1899, Heft 1, S. 24.
the disease, and have made a special study of it. In these
spirochaeta pallida, from which an emulsion, named by him
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and stiffness of the neck, is probably suffering from a mild
In all cases of aphasia, treatment should be directed along
The symptoms, now clear to me, were then obscured by the mental
fever, for these occur whether the horse from which the serum is taken be
anaimia, splenomegalic cirrhosis of the liver, or Banti's
across it from without inwards, and that in the mucous lining
or " sore throats," or having gastro-enteritis, to be kept under