clearly one of the secondary types of pityriasis following upon the

by the blood-current and distributed throughout the tissue of the mos-

It is commonly thought that the acute and recoA-erable

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as reflexes emanating from memory centres, although I believe those

and Gillett, under ether narcosis I made cystoscopy with Kelly's in-

ItoBERTsoN, .'X. W. : To.xins and Master- toxins .... 463

Lancet, December, 1907, on streptococcal meningitis, may

words, i.e., the patient cannot find, or arouse, his motor

would meet his foreign body rather sooner than he expected,

lysis was, therefore, repeated on four successive days. The current was sev-

of peculiar spasm of the voluntary muscles, and from time to time

water and the process repeated. When, after several washings, the out-

continued to grow larger ; purgatives and enemata of little effect. Under

same result in the region of the posterior columns undergoing sclerosis.

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head to one square inch in the side or more. Small shot or

For want of space, I have had to omit the names of many

part in the formation of the coronary plexuses which accom-

attended by localized peritonitis and after the drainage of abscesses.

case the point of the needle is turned up or down, till it slips

From month to month, from year to year, I find that my conclusions

Dr. Coutts, in his last section, discusses the various recom-

and Gillett, under ether narcosis I made cystoscopy with Kelly's in-

pneumococcal ulceration of the cornea known as ulcus serpens,

surface of the cartilage Pass each of the two needles through the

When a weight above 5 kg. was attached the musculature near the mucous

will be heard from, and because, so far as I can ascertain, my patient

combined with purulent nasal discharges, the distressing

oesophagus need not have been abstracted at length in two sections.

is large!}' a matter of personal experience and often incom-

series of 1000 cases with 75 per cent, of recoveries — we ought only to

future. He restricts the high operation to stones of most unusual size, to

and to relieve arterial tension. — IVesjsi Med., July 29, 1899.

under the tendon, and remove the sharp hook from the sclera. Seize

of the oesophagus. He introduces a bag of sausage skin or

only visible on the neck, and even there had faded. The general