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in Epilepsy." The paper is based upon the experience gained from the
Paul, Minn. (St. Paul Medical Journal, January and February, 1899), on the
ulcer at an average period of five years after entrance to the hospital :
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Dr. Park is to be congratulated upon the judicious manner in which he
mice was abundantly proven ; but, in order to be positive in regard to
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1 specific local infection, he proceeds to treat the infection locally by means
uon.—OazzeUa degli OtpedaU « ddU Cliniche, 1899, No. 67, p. 714. '
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table had the first tetanic fit just one hour after the administration of
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the irregularity of their incidence, a very fair uniformity in the size of the
Out of the Mist: The Foundation of Modern Pathology
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pleurisy develop ; ultimate resolution depends upon general amelioration of
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aspects make him impossible to be misunderstood. If we are to judge
any operative procedure must be founded on this knowledge. He says,
absorbent power of strychnine was retarded in the stomach when the
through structural changes, and yet the cardiac dilatation may not be
although the hypophyseal gland is involved, the suppuration
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miscarriage, she had never regained her strength, was troubled with a
sorts of reflex phenomena, e.g., otalgia from carious teeth, when
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' Macitenzie Davidson: "A Method of I,ocalization by Means of Roentgen