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3skilled electrical treatment till the fighting is over. The
4etc. The extract, of the consistency of syrup, is applied by means of a brush
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7medical supplies. Later in the war, the partisans actu-
8COM includes an assignment in the Center for Force Structure, Resources, Requirements, and Strategic
9temperature. She perspired freely and felt faint during the attack.
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13the convalescent home, lie was seen by his medical attendant, who now
14spleen is primarily responsible for the morbid phenomena
15The consistency of the manifestations in the attacks is remarkable.
16Endemic Goitre ; p. 70, Plates XXVII. and XXVIII., facing pp. 72 and 73,
17toms being caused by Fraenkel's diplococcus and others by the streptococcus,
20therefore, from the question of any of the other mineral sub-
22Dr. R. B. Greenough has drawn the following conclusions in regard to
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24Let us not sacrifice lives and organs on the infamous altar of pseudo-conser-
26sequently movable over it. The wall of the ureter was much thinner,
29Northern Ireland, Venezuela, Brazil, Algeria, Korea,
30early directed to a complexusof symptoms characterized by enlargement
31Details of histology are omitted, for this is dealt with in another volume
32year. In I9r4, the most noteworthy publications were:
33in the chapter on treatment. The prognosis is decidedly unfavorable
34resistance movement by supplying arms, medical sup-
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37tors were able to set up an intense, two day training
38in regard to the harmlessness of the thyroid extract. The emaciation was
39an actual hyperextension of the toes. Indeed, even now an effort of
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