should be called idiopathic. Infantile dilatation of the colon thus may

of pathological bruits is much exaggerated, and this wrong estimate is

He found the patients frequently recovered by crisis, that the

Family and previous personal history are unimportant. At the age

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this bone, and this region was considerably swollen and was evidently

cortex, the motor area in the precentral cortex, and so on.

are recorded as having had malaria. Sixty-six of these were sick

Oliver, James: New aspects of Eclampsia and its treatment - - 416

though no striking new use or new methods of usage have

In the diagnosis of phantom tumors of the abdomen special stress

the foetus at different periods of gestation. The Rontgen rays were used to

of estimating cardiac tonus is by means of X-ray examina-

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cent, zinc chloride solution, advocated by Lanalongue.

gastro-intestinal affections. The onset was sometimes insidious, but usually

tion being profuse hemorrhage or rapid growth of the tumor and deterioration

Jordan -' gives a description of the mass-peristalsis move-

student in the history of his profession, but in few medical schools is this

lumbar puncture, it is best to use a needle of the size used in

is sometimes infiltrated into the surrounding tissues, or but a portion of

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found in close proximity, evidently in process of healing. Over each

A feeling of tightness across the chest may be another early

♦•Anton. Storck ajxn* medic, fecund, page uj» f Ibid.

for six weeks ; that they were recovered from completely, and in the

The symptoms are so often those of stone in the kidney that the differen-

of the normal alimentary tract from his article in Sir Arbuth-

abscess. No giant-cells or bacilli were found in the gland, but the

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