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3Virchow reiwrted a similar case, and correctly attributed the large
4processes, fatty degeneration was rarely found in cases of fragmentation, but
5this average in twenty-six, or SI per cent. Four of these patients had a
8The chief deformity was in the extremities, which were very short in pro-
9pia mater, than Bull's, that it is not indicative of meningitis or even of
11Phloridzin-Diabetes in Mother and Child, and its Relation to the Ques-
12it froip their parents •, for he fuppofes, that, accord-
14which the former condition presumably exists, I simply follow in the
15sequence of arterio-sclerosis. He considers the disease
17Poisoning by Meats —Dr. Y. Boyer {Lyon Medical, May 14, 1899)
19to the maintenance of health in cases in which this cereal
20dency to orack are readily accounted for. When this stage has been
21dictation. Otherwise, his inward language is intact. He can
23urine to the bacteriological department, which undoubtedly
24The experimental study of the absorption of strychnine from the
26would not be in such a position as to interfere with the flow of blood
27Its Action is Prompt; it stimulates the appetite and the di-
28Recovery would be possible if the infection had not been sufficiently
31causes as those in groups six and seven. The two last are now the only
32sion was a puzzling factor to me, for I confess that its cause was not
33functional nature and without an anatomical basis. That this disease
34disclosing the dura but showing nothing abnormal. On removing the
35The second ca»Q was also a rhachitic dwarf, who was much exhausted in
36aspect when viewed as localized manifestations of the working of the
37In dealing with this subject, one finds that patients
39retained. As regards tuning-fork tests, if Rinne's reaction is
40200 mm., when she was exceedingly well and free from the
41The subject is presented in an unusually attractive, clear, and forcible
42united. It is true the tissue about and above the clitoris is involved, as