curvature of the stomach. In another case, an ulcer was found
1. In a large proportion of cases of tabes a history of syphilis can be
evidences of arsenic-poisoning, such as melanosis and cachexia, diffused
[The basiotribe by Tarnier should not be forgotten in the consideration of
at once. Its importance lies in the fact that it is the deter-
only when some really alarming symptoms declare themselves that
was found deficient on the right side of the chest, with impairment of
It should be understood that in traumatic neurasthenia
Relationship to Chronic Interstitial Mastitis. — I do not think
sicolor, scabies, "id" reaction, condyloma acuminata, acute guttate psoriasis, lichen planus.
this procedure is persevered in for a much longer time than in
size from small miliary tubercles to large confluent nodules showing
a painful swelling under the right sterno mastoid muscle.
of Hygiene and Director of the Laboratory of Hygiene, University of
tion nor the practitioner be disappointed in any reasonable
extravasation in the lesser cavity, we may assume that no perforation
twice daily wilh 1 : 1000 bichloride soluton, and then powdered with der-
breathing and pulsus alterans were noted. Digitalin caused
> Sajous' Annual Univ. Med. Sciences, 1891, vol. ii.
in the lid is exactly as Hunt recommended. The difference between
3. In cases of valvular defects, with weakened and dilated
it is a valuable sign of perforation. Distention of bowels may give this latter
ulcerations. One of the flaps was perforated. Upon one of the segments of
subject of Physiology. We think that the authors have well fulfilled this
seven of which seem to have been carefully observed. He adds to this
from the very same viands. So it is with good and bad practitioners in
The following table shows the effect of 0-5 cc. on the
not complain of itching, or have not complained before, who seek relief
die, whether operated upon or not. A second danger was hemorrhage, which
value. Some are of quite recent date, others were so
traction of the uterus, for, though the entire genital canal diminishes in