3fall of pulse-pressure. This shortens the time during which
4I believe this [latient's life ivas prolonged for some months by the artificial
5losis, or as a complication of chronic tuberculosis, or as the result of a
6The ver\' word seems to carry in it all that can be wanted
7crescents, and instead of finding no transformation, observed that from
8So long as streptococci are demonstrable in the peritoneal cavity, as well
9number of deaths up to December 2, 1898. These figures indicate the
10tissue the stratum cornctim appears nornml or as a narrow band of ker-
11caused by an unknown substance in the leucocytes of the patient's blood.
12has improved ; as an instance, one may mention the radio-
139 minutes, and was 31 '75 mm. Hg. higher than the average
15was somnolence. Recovery followed in every case. Investigation showed
17different times, sometimes within so short a period as seven
18when he died. No stool from birth. Seen on third day, with much dis-
20healthy vaginal tissue, and the cuff thus formed is turned downward over the
21{Ibid.), following the reading of a communication from Pinard, Bouilly
22(b) Flexion so that the calf comes in contact with the
24such perforation, Eichhorst' saw three cases in whch bronchostenosis
25referred to. It may be diffuse or localized ; it was present in
2651. Osanka FM, Ed. Modern Guerrilla Warfare. Fighting
28it can be straightened (osteoclasis or, preferably, osteotomy).
30Delbet makes a convincing argument to prove that incompetent valves
31cities." Cities that might beak down into cities por-
32existence of, it may be, slight but persistent swelling in the
33as in pachymeningitis hemorrhagica. These cases might be appropriately
38localized tuberculous infection of the right upper apex and of the right
39Soldier to Guerrilla Commander. Washington: Brassey's
40There is throughout the work evidence of effort on the part of the
41be the cause of the cirrhosis. If this is so, " cirrhosis" may be
43power to benumb sensation, while cold would do so when carried beyond
44patch of molluscum fibrosum on the left shoulder from birth. The skin of
46relatively powerful in antibodies, and it is not until these
49prove of use to medical men. Unfortunately, it was published before the
50testine with a fine trocar has been performed, in order to allow gas to