1rence of these attacks, and had lost a good deal of weight. The only
2by adenoids that have retrogressed or have been operated
4cutaneous lesions, lymphadenopathy), or tertiary infection (cardiac, neurologic, ophthalmic, auditory, soft tis-
5occurs in weak and predisposed children without demonstrable cause.
9dition connected with the typhoid fever. With reference to sore-throat,
10aqueous behaves like the cut edges of an iridectomy coloboma,
11A Note on Sparteine Sulphate.— Db. P. M. Chapman believes that
12manual interference is necessary. In ordinary cases the placenta must be
13oedema had greatly decreased, and the breathing was easy and tranquil.
14and seemed to stand in causative relation to the changes in those organs.
15attributed to pressure from them ; yet many cases have been reported
16from bodies of new-born or fictus; some clearly with stenosis. No histories
17Vascular infiltration was marked and small hemorrhages frecjuent. Later
18erative radiographs, the forward surgical team (FST) utilized an EOD radiographic unit. This
19If pyloroplasty is to be performed a horizontal incision is made over
20fugalized to remove all corpuscular elements. The washed
22cystoscopic examination showed a long pencil-shaped calculus projecting
23Both these forms were seen to eventually leave the red blood-corpuscle.
24interesting papers by Delepine * may be noticed. He reports
25bacteriological diagnosis, for by the time that arrives the
263. Harvey EN, Korr IM, Oster G, McMillen JH. Secondary
28Always prominent abdomen ; for years trouble with bowels. Undtr observa-
29unnecessary, is burdensome, a source of pain, and menace to life.
30that when the subject was educated to the point of fixing his attention
31haemoglobin. The modifications in the specific gravity of the blood are very
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33ment. The irritable, nervous heart of the neurasthenic is
34advocacy of this water, and already in my experience I have seen sev-
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