In its later stages the disease corresponded to the climacteric period,

of the centres of the lobules. The pancreas and intestines appeared

pathology. This is unnecessary and a burden to the reader, since these

poisons circulating in his blood, which caused his hyper-

volume. The present publication is a revised and enlarged edition of

amelioration of the symptoms in a case of cerebrospinal

About half an hour after the dose was given he fell into a quiet sleep,

The dilated, overworked heart, the result of a gouty

Case IX Boy, aged eleven years, constipation, extreme nervousness,

any influence either way upon the production of complications.

normal, and remained so until February 4th (six days later), when it

is conveyed directly from person to person, most often by

in the attack ; troublesome diarrhoea and obstinate vomiting were met with

4. The strain of modern life generally, especially if com-

certain groups of nerve-cells, so that after ten or fifteen years the

within the tubules; not at all in the capsular space.

parations, for these relieve the dysuria, make the urine unirritating, and

small intestine at its upper part. In the lower portion the changes were of

blood and serum were results of an inflammator)' process — I tried at first,

eral nervous system, and the subjective sensation (?) of the patient ; for the

Ivelynack and others would restrict the name of adenomata. The cap-

15. Maroceo. Sulla Craurosi del genitali esterni. Rif. med. Napoll, vol. x. 1894.

facility with requirements for skilled staff, refrigera-

alcohol may produce changes in the bloodvessels at comparatively early

and the flap so made is brought into the antrum. This covers