period of five weeks. After three weeks' treatment, he was so much im-
had erythema, and a brawny infiltration of the tissues. .Xt no time did
model of a fatal extremity wound. CD showed some hemostatic benefit. The exothermic reaction of QC was
Psychical Disturbances after Operation.— Marandox de Montyel {Rev.
left side respectively. The author looks on this as the result of compression
four hours and has no fecal movement. There is no disturbance of the
rence of these attacks, and had lost a good deal of weight. The only
On the whole, however, it seems reasonably clear that patients usually
Gastro. intestinal haemorrhage in the new bom (Spencer Sheill) - - 764
for qualities in it that may commend it to the practitioner of medicine.
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the rough surface between the floor of the nose and the floor of
quickly, uttering a sigh of relief ; all the time his lips, hands, feet, and
is above 95 per cent. When one has seen the wonderful dexterity by
This opinion is based upon the frequence of recurrence after attacks
There is a distinct danger of infection resulting in metritis
laying the foundation for the management of surgical ureteral injuries.
are relieved. To prevent erections and chordee in gonorrhoea, gelsemium is
abundantly. This was soon followed by more or less continuous fever,
As a rule, the radiographer, if a medical man, has some know-
presence of the giant-cells as evidence of the tuberculous nature of the
perhaps, the most wide-spread cause of middle-ear deafness.
The early diagnosis of cancer of the breast must therefore
blood in quantity. The third day, blood was copious by vomit and
2. A young man had had some slight suppuration around a finger