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3Changes in the Ovaries Attending Starvation and Forced Feeding.—
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10that there are certain chronic inflammatory conditions of the skin which
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18and the symptoms appeared like those of cerebro-spinal fever,
19dimensional space, whereas the surgeon has to work in space
20column gives the number of recorded typhoid cases in each regiment ;
23fungi and yeasts, but the exact classification could not be determined from
24George Schmorl, Prosector of the Staatkrankenhaus in Dresden, and
25is formed that the closure of the cleft will not correct the speech defect,
26cannot be obtained from strips of muscular fibres severed on all sides
27interesting from the point of etiology. The patient, aged fifty-two years,
28red cells and thrombi are numerous, is inclined to think the necrosis
29of a specific hypersensitiveness, or anaphylaxis, is evidenced
32In order to give the reader a practical acquaintance with methods