VIII. In transcortical sensory aphasia, on the other hand,

tation of the colon, and on Avhich classifications have been based, differ

cures, milk and whey cures, and sanatoria for the treatment of phtnisis.

medicine." These remarks are as true to-day as when they

pleasant to the taste, easily borne by the stomach, and harm-

was supposed to be extramedullary proved eventually to be a diffuse

amputated. A microscopical examination established the diagnosis of

chest was emptied one heard no friction or other sign of inflammation.

membranes very pale, with yellowish tint. Sclcrotics yellowish. Small

alteration in the shape and size of the abdomen. She was informed of

has taken place, or that sufficiently firm adhesions have already formed.

The author agrees with Kaarsberg, that the rational method of operattDg

certain manifestations of syphilis, which may be confounded,

Pneumonia with Peculiar Course. — Pychlau {St. Pcterslmrgcr med. Wock-

alternately open and closed, one may recognize a distinct difference in

during the past three years, since antitoxin has been used, shows a decline of

fever June 3d. The Fifty -second Iowa came May 31st, and the sur-

might have been attended with more suceess, but they were not tried.

only was there vomiting, and only once was morphine needed. Three weeks

chial secretions are superabundant. — Pediatrics, 1899, vol. viii. p. 214.

and neck. Evidence, therefore, seems rather to point to the

for heart lesions, in order to avoid seeming error or an unpleasant sur-

seeking light cannot complain that there is dearth of effort to satisfy

cites the statement of Landois that the flexors of the leg springing from

surface, and finally laid open to view a cavity, the pelvis or the pelvic

rics, January 15, 1899, p. 68) has carefully observed two cases of pertussis

a disease limited to childhood, seldom or never occurring in infancy or

are enlarged, though less so. In each groin slight lymphatic enlarge-

Koplik's spots are present. The presence of the spots has also made possible

sympathize with the importance of his medical adviser being