1two small sinuses were present in the neighbourhood of a puckered scar;
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3lobular pneumonia (8.2 per cent.); 138 of croupous pneumonia (6.9
4as to the outcome of her labor. During her confinement she talked in
5Among the females we have information in regard to only 17 cases;
6results have followed the exhibition of salvarsan, but alarming
9employed, even hypodermatically, as a 1 per cent, aqueous solution, preserved
10compared with like sections from a normal spinal cord and observed with
12to overfulness of these vessels after any traumatism. The formula which
13and October, 1898, contains a very complete bibliography of the pre-
14substances in the motions of infants as food residues. These
15adhesions about the gall-bladder and a sero-fibrinous exudate in the peri-
17Experiment 1. — A dog weighing 4 kg, was etherized, tracheotomy
18l experience has proved. That one thing is this : where Nature fails
19shrinking of the vulva is usually experienced, and the vaginal orifice
20corpuscles of the normal animal were treated with the result-
21There is no ataxia or inco- ordination. Superficial reflexes are present
22Nevertheless, in the opinion of the writer, the serum should
24painful. The results of intra-venous injections are about the same in
25slight, watery, greenish diurrha'a. About 5 I'..m. he grew irritable and
26A genuine regard for the British Pharmacopoeia, on the part
27conditions under which the writer's operative work is done. The book
28of the authors and do not reflect the official policy or posi-
30not occcur in neuroses nor in cases of peripheral neuritis, myelitis, nor
31oedema and atrophic lesions of the epidermis. But on the primary
32Where acquired hydrocephalus has commenced to manifest
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34marked; and in all patients the depth of stupor after the
35and acidosis, then venesection and the use of alkalies by
36The symptoms are so often those of stone in the kidney that the differen-
37cirrhosis of the liver. As the fluid increases in amount, it is
39unsatisfactory. The majority of operations performed for
40fetched today, in a post-cold war world, realize that