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Early in the process of healing the form of the endothelial cells was
each other in rapid succession. Grassi, Bignami, and Bastianelli'* pro-
Bengali race is dying and must ultimately disappear like the
* Avis au peupk fur fa fante, uap, XL fcS. 156. page 197.
the respirations 32. The liver dulness was small, the abdomen tympan-
A great merit of the book is its personal character, narrating the author's
seven decigrams of chloral per kilogram of body-weight. By means
that the best solution for transfusion is the following: —
auditory. In such cases an otoscopical examination should be made, to
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or suppuration takes place. It is characterized by no typical symptoms, and
tality with the patients injected was 4.76 per cent., while among the others
account of the tension of the stitches, this plug was replaced by a smaller
to the right. There was no distention of the jugular veins and no
Osier ^ states that " typhoid fever occasionally occurs in persons the
little to draw attention to the marked changes which have taken place
Braun's second case was that of a woman, aged forty-three years, a multi-
with a thrombus. Only slight atheromatous changes are present in the
eral zone of the transverse section of the tendon was ruptured.
injected. The anterior and posterior median arteries were full of blood
size, even to a return of the normal shape in anaesthesia. In each
eighth day, walking is permitted, and at the end of a fort-
Osteo.malacia, Treatment of with adrenalin .... 336
1 Although we are inclined to inclade this case among the undoabted ones, we should like
meningitis may not be present, or may not constitute the main lesion ;