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31 There is a disease seen in adults which is apparently identical in origin. It occurs lu per-
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14to extend this theory to the combination of the two processes in other
15Special Forces. Novato, California: Presidio Press. 1986;
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17the disorder render it very improbable that a specific micro-organism
20it, Generisch is disposed to regard the thickening as an early change,
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22Dana's case the nerve-roots were congested and perforated by dilated
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25of the vagina. The diagnosis of ruptured ectopic gestation was made, with
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28The Treatment of Abortion. — In the Monatschrift fur Qeburtshulfe und
29the cold bath for combating the fever, eliminating toxins, and reducing
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42H. D., aged 46, a draper's assistant, came under my care in May 1913.