This operation is indicated where the stricture is high up, at 15 to 18 cm.
subject of gastric ulcer for this period. This we have attempted to do
suggests nitroglycerin or any of the nitrites for diminishing the tension. The
The peritoneum is dissected loose from the pelvic wall down to the
patency of the nasal passages. Even then, however, a
mass can readily be made out, which emerges from beneath the costal
« Leube. BeitrnKe Centralbl. fUr Chlr., 1897, No. 28, p. 66.
getic means can be employed to render the skin of the abdomen aseptic,
the inferior meatal wall. I have no doubt it frequently made
the bed after the operation, so that they are not noticed. If, however, they
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these patients had significant early or late complica-
Bloodvessels. Among the most characteristic changes were those
virus infection in healthcare workers: An overview. American
from this form of disease is only too real. Indeed, it has been stated
the Pennsylvania Hospital with a fever of a low type, stated to be of
of case, for I think the value of vaccines is not as yet so
one side and the extirpation of both superior cervical ganglia on the other
become aggravated by the occurrence of the eruption, which passed
cultures are glistening grey in direct light, and greyish white
physiological linking of various groups of innervations, of
exacerbations to between 102° and 103°. On the 29th, the morning
of the parts and of the pitfalls to be avoided. Without this
chiefly by their local action. This includes the demulcents, emollients,
freely. No retraction of heels now, but some knock-knee was present,
ischaemic effect of an application of cocaine and adrenalin. In
cutaneous reflexes, that they have a longer or more complicated arc than
In Hospital and Camp: The Civil War Through the Eyes of
anaemia was so profound and the cardiac murmur (mitral systolic) so
skull or through the blood-stream, is unknown. It is possible
PiNARD, in closing the discussion, stated that rigidity of the cervix during