1He therefore uses largely strychnine, electricity, phenacetin, etc. The vagi
2conceive that such sudden change might result in the establishment of a
3She was a well-nourished woman, weighing probably 160 pounds.
4not a very probable explanation, for the disease does not
6contributes a case of probable injury to the jugular bulb,
7results, in cases treated within the first three days, are 82 per
8Morphologically, the increase in leucocytes is made at the expense of poly-
9the abdominal wound closed. The methods of performing the anas-
10Fox's Atlas gives pictures made from photographs, and photographic
11condition of bone is found in the ribs, sternum, and small bones of the
13serious objection to my contention that the bacillus coli
14a little below the right ear, the tumor was sensitive to pressure, and was
17tion, is that characterized by a complaint of sleepiness, of
18examined by them. Siemerling* found changes in the dorsal and
19drawn and the pylorus ligated. For two hours and fifteen minutes
20Toxins in particular inhibit its germicidal action. The practical deductions
22other methods, and should supersede them as well as the intraperitoneal
23That these purges act in part by depletion is, no doubt, true ;
24nor as a rule is there any personal or family neurotic history. Fright
26glands had been operated upon at the local hospital on at least six
28by a zone of tubercles. That the carcinoma has been more rapid in its
29(pain, vomiting, constipation, distention) and continued. Under observation.
30Autopsy, August 17, 1898, by Dr. E. II. LeCount, three hours after
32and pathology ; (3) to record the results of experimental research, em-
35Many of the cases have occurred in connection with organic disease.
37for walking always in the first two weeks. At the end of
39When caries of the tympanic roof takes place a collection of pus is fre-
40an epidemic. It is, at present, quite impossible to say with
41containing two thickened bloodvessela. A few corpora amylacea present.
42We have great UW/GW doctrine; we just do not print it anymore!
4382. Field Manual 8-43. Combat Health Support for Army