Ursemic origin, Cerebral paralyses of (H. Batty Shaw) (illustrated) - 358
Diphtheria. — Diphtheria of a very toxic type may be mis-
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miliary tubercles, especially numerous along the course of the vessels. The
its headquarters in the spleen, which, therefore, undergoes
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became unusually profuse ; they were seen on the abdomen, back, chest,
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and its consistency is not apparently increased. Histology of the liver :
left and right border of the heart before and after a trial run of one-
as large as the average for the periods I., II., III., IV., five times the
The patient had very strong pains, the occiput rotated posteriorly upon the
tunately, be told in a very few words. The tumor in the groin speedily
presence of the giant-cells as evidence of the tuberculous nature of the
section," as I have described in the case of infected partial cystoneph-
plex of splenic anaemia and Banti's disease, as formulated by
The examinations of the blood, feces, and urine have been made in
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so far as he is aware, after glycerin or nutrient enemata.
definitions of terms, methods of study, etc., and is valuable in that it
disturbance of the heart's rhythm, and the lowering of capil-
time to time, and especially at night ; these nocturnal attacks were often
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attacks, the mental complications. In each chapter there is an orderly
times regular, then irregular, and again intermittent and moderately infre-
results in a series of cases operated on in the General Hospital,
"so-called" heart affection, it was not accurately determined what