1rectly. He cannot write spontaneously, but copying and
3second and third cases reported by us, it would be hazardous to assert
4Oireulatory Symptoms. The heart may be slightly dilated ; haemic mur-
5gravity of the case depends more upon the inflammatory condition of
6of 25 days, he was sleeping and eating well, had put on i stone 3
7In 42 instances the spleen was palpable ; hemorrhage from the bowel
9dulness, with prominent venules over the region of the first
10but of the fact that the left hemisphere leads the right there
12tation, some as large as a shilling, the majority, however, resembling freckles.
13teresting development of scientific pharmacy. Those who are
14acts upon the deeper tissues. Diseased ovariee are often favorably affected
15in a marked degree to increase their fealty toward him, and strengthens
16exist without sensible deterioration of pulse. I have, for example,
19while the outer is broken, preserving the periosteum and skin pedicle.
20of the condition of the colon. Even in the case reported by Bright, in
22bacilh. A suitable strain has to be procured, and is emulsified
23tric and umbilical regions and in the flanks, and did not move on
24the left chest. He has no sweating; there is no cardiac palpitation.
26methods. He appears to have no knowlidge of the ease and safety with
28characterized by enlargement of the spleen and anaemia, presents clinical
33but to pressure exerted at their point of exit from the cord.
36this was deferred, and the child recovered without. From the absence
37unshrivelled and flexible after a prolonged exposure to dry heat. This is
38J. T., female, now aged 27. She first had symptoms of phthisis when
39three cases where the tremor extended to three extremities. It is evi-
40ing, the contents of the pelvis of the kidney can be drawn into the bulb and
41observation. No obstruction discoverable in rectum. Under continued medi-
42hrain, and there grow. The following points favor the traumatic origin of