In 42 instances the spleen was palpable ; hemorrhage from the bowel
He describes a villus as a voluminous, delicate, and lace-
1888-1898. To supplement this investigation Dr. Warren obtained
into the left portion of the chest is to be expected from the seat of the
most of the mosquitoes he dissected. These spores are very resistant.
the condition has existed for some time. With hyperpiesis
^htest shock may turn the scale. The principle is the same as that in
to twenty drops of the drug five or six times a day — a total of one and one-
sharp pain in the back while ascending a slight hill, which
cases in young soldiers over-strained by route-marching, in which
In this case the mother had puerperal fever. The child's epigastrium
cover why the branch of the third nerve which supplied the levator
• Road at the auuual meeting of the American Oaatro-Enterologlcal Association. Wasliing-
Tuberculous Meningitis.— Waibel (Munchener med. Wochenschrift, 1899,
caecal valve ; dull and continuous, it indicates the presence of a local-
upon the fact that M. Blocq and Marinesco, in 1893, had a case of a
whenever she can to all social functions, manages her household, looks
.enschrift, 1898, No. 52) reports the following case. Fourteen days after a
of the so-called functional capabilities of each individual
that is to be operated upon." On page 39 " paresis " should surely be
changes of position, and slight impairment of motion, in the feet, while
Remote Restilts of Vaginal Hysterectomy for Uterine Fibroids. — Bush-
inquiry was made, diarrhoea was present belore the onset
strong probability that the child's eyes have been exposed to infection. But
I (juote Ross as follows : " Needless to say we can never hope to exter-
^ Schroder. Die Chirurgie des Magens, Schroder, Lindner, Kuttner. Loc. cit.. p. 131.
the Lariboisiere with salvarsan and neo-salvarsan," it has been
vals between pains, as well as during a pain, bright arterial blood
improved, but continued to suffer abnormal pain, the cause of