the absorptive power is distinctly smaller than that of the entire stomach.
and of my colleagues on the board I am permitted to present to you
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The statistics in r^ard to fusiform aneurism affecting the ascending
higher up, but reaching down to the point in question, for it is im-
they are symptoms rather of general peritonitis they need no special
to be reported here must be looked upon as being unique pathological
Besides this symptomatic treatment by drugs, there are other essentials
of brain abscess were wanting in this, excepting diffuse headache and intel-
tinguished by intensity of manifestation. Thus the habit of some to
Mosquitoes of the genus anopheles differ morphologically from those
A Bugle Calls: The Story of the Witwatersrand Rifles and its
American System of Practical Medicine. Loomis-Thompson. Vol.
For instance, I saw a case of undoubted traumatic neurasthenia pro-
borne, as a rule. Even in small quantities it may derange digestion
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the idea of this graphic surface, I am indebted to that unknown
difficult for the busy practitioner to remember at the moment what is
stant opposing influence on the accession of each pain to the advance of
The tremor affects the lips, the neck muscles, the arms and hands,
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Another significant fact is that the sensibility in the area of distribu-
sufficiently clear and up to date. The chapter on the stomach and
years, I have not kept closely to statistical methods, but have
conditions in which this rarity presented itself, and their advice has not
sinusitis less prone to take place. High and dry localities are
action in such cases as we are considering would be detri-
of paralysis agitans without tremor may be of assistance in solving this
subject as this. In the first place, it would be very diffi-
tonitis secondary to salpingitis. In both cases gonococci were found in smears
with a violent rheumatic pain, but without fwelling :
portion for about 1 cm. in breadth by separating the muscular fibres on
fome volatile parts, of an alkaline hurtful kind, re-
lished apparently by intervention of the body cells.
during a paroxysm of cough, presented generalized convulsions. These