1been permitted to fall into disuse. The author has collated a remark-
2r>rmation of silver chloride, whereby a portion of the silver is rendered inert,
3from most simple to severe and complicated in origin, progress,
4colon group, and it is probably that known as the bacillus coli im-
5in relation to the parts of the patient depicted ; for instance,
8Case I. — Portions of a breast tumor were sent to me for examination
9writer would refer the reader to the section " The heart in
10and judicious nurse, and, lastly, a doctor who is sure of his
11sometimes has actually to recommend a pension, well knowing
12glaucoma and albuminuric retinitis. The writer proceeds :
14trainees with shin pain at the beginning of training,
15the Monatschrift fur Geburtshiil/e und Gyndkologie, 1899, Band ix., Heft 1>
17Messrs. James I'owell and Sons, Whitefriars Glass Works,
183. Advancement or shortening of the levator palpebrse.
19tive for widespread use. 3 ' 4 In the U.S. military med-
200.015432 grain of cobra venom, and therefore 225 grains of serum would be
21The heart weighs 550 grms. There is marked thickening of the left
22partially filled with a saturated solution of milk of lime, and is to be
23rupted expulsion of three foetuses. The last w^as expelled five weeks after
24The recovery of the patient was complicated by infection in the uterine
25Subdural and intra-nasal injections of cultures of meningococci
26fingers, toes, scalp, arms, trunk, and legs. Tourdes observed
28ternal to the spinal cord. I fully believe that most of them are functional,
29*z;jy, and aYibritis •, fo that it is no wonder that the
30The ulcer proved refractory to treatment, the last lesion, at the point of
31India-Burma. The U.S. Army campaigns of World War II
34luncheon and dinner. Two bottles of beer were taken daily, about
35This is a question which the physician has to consider, in view of the
36of the spleen in other conditions associated with anaemia
37and other violent emotions, injuries, severe muscular exertion, rheuma-
38always successful if properly used with sufficient force. Lombard thinks the
39The history of such cases shows that often under medical treatment
40former observers found that the average cord breaks under a strain of
42A poison, or more than one poison, formed at intervals or constantly
43and Surgery.— Zondek {Archiv /. klin. Chirurgie, 1899, Band lix. Heft 3)
44On post-mortem examination, carcinoma was found in the