2vasoconstriction of cutaneous and even subcutaneous vessels rapidly follows
3non-crepitant ; contains icteric fluid. Left lung same as right. Peri-
4takes the stain poorly. In some eases they are distinctly and extremely
6requirements. Don't forget to send photos to accompany the articles or alone to be included in the photo gallery associated with medical
7obtain more serum, should I require it next day, and of possible ana-
8There were no cases in the Ohio regiment in May, three in June, eleven
9parallel of the parallax. The middle line of the parallax
12where thigh and leg in the recumbent position are extended and appar-
14meatal route is preferable. When it has not been possible to
17Series D. — A hsorplion of gtrychnine from the oesophagus.
18disturbance, for the constitutional and local signs were slight
20the action improved somewhat. The swelling of the gland was going
22the adult, and a regular performance of their function is not established
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24ulosum, and stratum Malpighii can be differentiated with great distinct-
25The most practical point, however, is to prevent a recur-
26use is by cotton application both before and immediately after the use of
27of avoidable blunders. A preposterous instrument has, at
28causes in some cases, in frequent cases no doubt, in the larger
31dently repeated his bleedings as the ftate of the dif-
32eserin on the blood-pressure of the test subject. The prepara-
33careful microscopical examination, which demonstrated the correctness of
34injection, and if made absolutely sterile in order to avoid
35case, the position of the shadow should be marked, if small,
37of strychnine brought out a tetanus in four minutes.
39The dulness of the right first intercostal space, to which Rotch has
40to bed, and all local treatment of the urethra is stopped. Internal treat-
41arranged in alphabetical order to render an index unnecessary. Formula;
42cases of functional albuminuria are treated as being of grave
44pregnant uterus at full term, or an ovarian cyst, they have been