21899, Band lix. Heft 1 and 3) finds that the involvement of bones is not an
3thus composed from all the experiments in each series, were linked
6A yet more striking illustration of the scarlatiniforra rash, and one
7tious microbe, that act as the means of defense to the organism, destroy-
9increase, followed by a great improvement in the symptoms),
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11foot or an in-growing nail, may have been present for days
12to leave home and their relations to seek treatment in a sana-
14become visible when shrivelled by the salt or stained, it may be doubted
15have for a time been favourably influenced. Here, however, a
16physicians who examined him. An X-ray examination revealed a dark area
17clearly a case of subacute gastritis secondary to chronic inter-
19tive study, segmentation has been found quite constantly in cases of
21was irregular and intermittent ; abortive systoles were frequent. At
23pathological explanation of the haemorrhage and resulting
24normal visceral excitations translated into painful cutaneous sensations,
25dominal distention after eating. Her bowels are regular in their action.
26Among the males it is stated in 2 cases that the left pulse was absent ;
27Whitla, Sir W.\i. : Treatment of Cerebro-spinal meningitis (spotte d fever) 631
28by Netter.* He found the test positive in about 90 per cent, of cases
30from the fifth German, revised and enlarged. Philadelphia: W. B.
31evident ^)aucity of cells; rouleaux formation is absent; there is no
32country, crowded towns, insanitation, underfeeding, slums,
33nized. That this was a potent factor in the spread of the disease in
34Phillips recommend prophylaxis against the development of this disorder.
37certain of the exanthemata, ia influenza, and in certain
38vsiluable as a diuretic in nephritis. The tincture is the best preparation, and
39infections and of our case must bring up the question whether these
40however, that undoubtedly the author's cases included carcinoma, tuber-
41cases which ruptured into the left auricle the statement is made that
42diagnosis be not the correct one, to what pathological conditions may
43minimum toxic dose of solution " B " is 0.0075 c.c, while the maximum
45the Eustachian tubes and middle ear. This imperfect nasal
46Tetanus Antitoxin. — Dr. E. Tavel states that subcutaneous injection