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Fulminating cases of cerebrospinal fever are usually fatal
Conclusions based on the study of 187 cases of gastric ulcer occurring
of rhachitis and scrofula, extensive glandular enlargement and grave
This he has done in a fairly acceptable manner. Also, he statas that
was twenty-five and the oldest sixty-six. Fifteen cases developed after fifty
The Partial Subcutaneous Rupture of a Flexor Tendon of the Fore-
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Le Cronier Lancaster has reported eight cases occurring in ursemia which
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Anyone who is concerned with the treatment of tuberculous children,
baaed upon the results obtained on man, and my own cases are reported
15 to 16th ; malaria, September 20th ; still sick, October 31st.
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ment. The hsematoma was incised, irrigated, and packed with gauze. The
hours amounted to 90() cc ; specific gravity, 1025 ; no albumin. The sugar
" that the great majority of English-speaking ophthalmologists are
alcohol, both chambers generally cease together, though the
upon the left, began to ulcerate, and in spite of various applications,
time, examined by Dr. Stover (April 11, 1899), contains a few epithelial
enables the busy practitioner to keep abreast with the rapid march of modern
chiefly by their local action. This includes the demulcents, emollients,
of the gland. Of acute gangrenous pancreatitis Fitz has reported 15
•** branes of the mufcles, and ligaments of the joints.
whom this operation was performed five became pregnant.