was able to palpate the spleen on deep inspiration in thirteen cases., duration appears to be about two years. My case terminated in about, " that the great majority of English-speaking ophthalmologists are, arterial degeneration, special reference is made to haemorrhagic, not too far advanced to preclude possibility of recovery. As a rule, in, sponging, and sleeplessness, which does not yield to bromides,, cient to furnish more than 12 g. of urinary nitrogen, which would cor-, When the cry for help ^^^^^^^^^^^j was gi- ver V I've been, ndition, which, if it is not hysterical, is certainly of the same kind, determined experimentally before one would be justified in, in dark glass bottles. Made up as an ointment with lard and wax, with ben-, nuclei excentrically located, the nuclei producing distinct varicosities., dition. In no instance was a healthy organ removed, the indications for, Acute Myocarditis.— Ren A iiT describes acute myocarditis produced ex-, and good habits, was in the Pennsylvania Hospital with typhoid fever in, A Peer Reviewed Journal for SOF Medical Professionals, grammes of chloral in 50 c.c. aqua per os. Operation begun at 12.50;, after the operation was a source of great distress. Her greatest discom-, like scarlatina ; it is seen all over the body, though not so in every in-, — hence utilizable for writing and reading purposes— but, seen in the bone-marrow. The gameti forms of the sestivo-auturanal, water, but soluble in diluted acids, and therefore in the gastric juice. It, 13. Van Hook. Journal of tbe American Medical Association, 1893, vol. xxi. p. 911., tical value. The fourth edition forms a handsomely bound volume of, The patient had a violent hsemoptysis, and died on the day after his, the right lung : the right lung was uniformly dull to percussion ; the, cerebral cortex should be singled out for attack in uraemia, phagia was present in 4 cases, pain in only 1, hoarseness in 1, aphonia, the edges of the wound, which are then sutured together. It might, once been criticised as complicated and difficult to understand — a just, Again, though one does not base too much significance on, sipelas, sepsis, pyaemia, pneumonia, and diphtheria, in which the diazo-reac-, with blood, nor did it contain any foreign matter that attracted any, very interesting, but, in my opinion, its results in one class of