One month later Piltz* published a paper, decorated with a long series
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phosphate is the best laxative. Carlsbad salts and water sufficiently stimu-
who, in 1888, collated the instances, numbering at that time eleven, and
following are the most important points in the author's
changes in their nuclei. As a rule, in splenic pseudoleukaemia there
that the methods adopted, and crowned with such success,
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stopped for a week, after which it seemed well-nigh impossible to pro-
is common. I saw such cases at Purdysburn, and when in
found, the wound was closed, and was not wholly healed when Dr.
very confluent on the following day. Five to six hundred vesicles and bulise
mixed with innumerable rounded, brownish bodies measuring 0.5 to 2
shoulder and right side. A week later the entire organ showed involve-
<T., Pennsylvania Hospital, December, 1880) and to return in a re-
Fresh urine injected immediately, boiled immediately and injected
Higier ' has reported an interesting case of hysterical paralysis in a
cases of typical scarlatina, and has also been found in the throats of these
a granular debris and proliferated ependymal cells. All sections of
It is interesting to note whether the symptoms produced by pressure
Repeat ten polysyllabic nouns. Repeat ten verbs. Each time
the skin of the axilla is cut across, otherwise a flap can be taken from the
the report entitled " First Report " these are referred to only as " A "
the rough surface between the floor of the nose and the floor of
this symptom was first described and the term invented by Moynihan.
has a short time in which to spread before cleansing can be attempted.
The body-weight remained constant upon this diet. Uric acid was
and can be represented by two straight lines intersecting at
jections of Flexner and Jobling's Antimeningitis Serum," British Medical Journal,
general hygiene is of more importance than drug treatment.
found it to occur in the same organ. FriedlJinder, Wolf, and Schwalbe
cerebro-spinal fever are not present. Lumbar puncture and
movable in an autero-posterior direction, and serves to push back the
One should have the patient hold the mouth open, with the tongue
measles in the same patient by the presence of Koplik's spots. It is thus
treatment of Chronic Bright's Disease of the Kidneys, occiu-ring in Qouty