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form of disturbance in writing ought not properly to be classed with writer's

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Francis Howe Straus, M.D., Associate Clinical Professor of Surgery.

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sugar from fat has not been positively proved, but is, however, assumed by

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binations; only some other bulbar nerve replaces the

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ment of his limbs, but, if not paralyzed, he may show various spasmodic and

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possibility of syphilitic disease in all spinal affections that are at} T pical from

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Bronchoscopy and Suspension Laryngoscopy. — Hours to be arranged, Wallner.

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drug interaction between selegiline and demerol

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stated that this metal would also have the same effect if given internally ! In

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the origin of the fear. Many patients are naturally timid and fear almost

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{sttdi as p4nei«»ples, b«i«ias*'avo«i^, olive* , etc/) ere also st^ptible to chlllliw

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accuracy upon the place where the break in conduction in the facial must

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ear; but the trouble usually disappears in a very short time. Each auditory

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In this section m will discuss three (Rites sud the disorders they cause.

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Often, however, they are more tedious, being marked by the recurrence of the

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First Tear — ^Anatomy, 12 dols.; Institutes of Medicine (Physiology

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£18 18s. for the session ; four days, £15 15s. ; three days, £11 lis. ;

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Dorsey, Adrian Verbrugghen (Neuro-Surgery), Knowlton E. Barber, Norris

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maintain that there is clinically a distinction between a single attack of mania

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the Begister of Veterinary Surgeons, or who at the time of the passing of this

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which come to autopsy. Usually there have been no special symptoms, the

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gard to the so-called milder forms of diabetes mellitus, particularly those

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6. Drawing the mouth downward (M. depressor anguli oris et labii su-

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the ends of the pyramidal fibers in the lateral tract may grow out above

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what is the potential complication of a drug-drug interaction between selegiline and meperidine

contrary to their usual meaning. Thus, we have often seen patients nod their

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a remote question of such efficacy of mercury or iodid as we see almost as a

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especially characteristic manner. If we make a sudden, short, vigorous, pas-

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dairy p^roducts and have sto^^s coR^lete a' practical ^xerclse on sane.

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C. Cans which are not correctly soldered may be rwoved and sealed

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favorable circumstances this condition may gradually disappear in the course

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go too far here has been emphasized above. Many symptoms of hysteria, espe-

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sicians, Ireland — Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland— Faculty of Phy-

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without special practice. The best known, and in fact one of the commonest

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as far as decimals inelnsiye. Candidates may also be examined, if they pleate,

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dilatation of the pupil, which is normally produced by painful irritation of