up to date, and we admire the degree of success attained ; for, after all,
urine with a trace of albumin is a common symptom of it. Now, it is
minutes. The maximum height '150 mm. Hg.) was attained
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patient said he had not felt lirst-rate for two weeks, had no appetite, felt
excluding cancer of the pancreas, but one additional case of acute
When the percussion vibrations are readily communicated to the
I well remember a case which came under my care, when I was in
* Bulletin et M«5moire8 de la SocI6t« M6dlcale des H6pitoux de Paris, 22 Jull, 1898. Abetract
6.77 per cent, in 4071 cases of bacterially verified diphtheria treated with
sion — the result being a localized or a spreading peritonitis. Later
from the ophthalmic artery and leading to compartment syndrome. In addition, the globe itself can be forced
makes a brilliant diagnosis, through his very ignorance of how
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Univariate logistic models were used to identify statis-
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The Formation of a Cleido-humeral Nearthrosis.— Oli.ier {Rev. de
hemiplegia. Had she had sclerosed vessels, one would have
mesial line in front to the extent of 2 inches. Its sharp edges
The craving for chocolate and jam by our soldiers in the pre-
High temperature must be treated by patient, tepid or cold
looked upon as cerebro-spinal fever cases until otherwise is
force, whereas hysteria is a disease of self-suggestion. The
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Notes on Cocaine — Da. W. P. Jenney writes that an aqueous solution
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spinal cord through excitations arising from diseased viscera, while in