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nervous meclianism of which we, as yet, know next to nothing." All these
— Therapeufu<rhe MonaUhefte, 1899, Heft 1, S. 24.
the chest wall, inner aspect of the upper arm and ulnar surfaces
paraffin can only relieve the liver of work of this kind, and
on the arms. During convalescence he had an attack of general ery-
disease. I do not believe that the perivascular sclerosis and increased
by about 10 cm. of air, and a few lines later he says that it
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perature make less gloomy the prognosis of intervention.
the younger class of patients. The reason for this will be
a malarial district who have never had the usual manifestations of
disease. The urine is normal. Lying in bed or seated upon a chair, the
previously described by Labb6, Opie, and MacCallum. For his experi-
Shortly after this he found that the scaly eruption became universal,
trifle lower than normal in the back. I have noted, however, for
above all, a treatment of the female sex full of confidence,
females 0.68 ; no marked difference can be noted with regard to sex.
American Medical Association, \"ol. CXII., Xo. i, January 3, 1914. 14. Journal
Lungs negative. Cardiac dulness extends from the left border of the
the sweat-ducts. Within recent years a considerable number of ca.«es
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